Forensic Files – Season 3, Ep 13 : Out of the Ashes

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December 7, 1993, was the last time anyone saw 18 year old Rose Larner, alive or dead. Her boyfriend, John Ortiz-Kehoe, and her childhood friend, Billy Brown, told police they saw her early on December 7, but they had no idea where she went after they last saw her. Two years later, an investigation revealed that Billy Brown and John Kehoe were both local drug users and dealers. When Billy Brown heard about this, he feared he might be implicated and decided to cooperate with police. He told them that Rose Larner was murdered by John Kehoe two years earlier, in his grandparents’ home. According to Billy Brown, Larner refused to participate in a threesome, and Kehoe strangled her, placed her in the shower, slit her throat and dismembered her body. Police compared a tiny blood spec found at Kehoe’s grandparents’ home, to a blood sample taken from Rose Larner four years before the murder. Kehoe was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Billy Brown was convicted for being an accessory, but as part of the deal, in which he gave up Kehoe, Brown served only a year in prison. Originally aired as Season 3, Episode 13.

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