Real Crime: Death On Duty Part 2

Tells the gripping true story of the national and international search for the gang members who shot dead PC Sharon Beshenivsky during a bungled robbery in Bradford, West Yorkshire in November 2005.The film has access to all the key characters — including the husband of WPC Beshenivsky, the WPC who was alongside her when she was shot, and the man who led the investigation.With access to key police materials including CCTV and interview tapes, the film reveals how officers from West Yorkshire’s elite ‘Homicide and Major Enquiry Team’ officers tracked down the key suspects using cutting edge investigative techniques.One of them — Mustafa Jama — had fled to his native Somalia, one of the most dangerous places on earth. But even there he was not beyond reach and in a groundbreaking operation he was arrested and flown out of the country to Dubai where officers from West Yorkshire were waiting for him. Along with the other key members of the gang, he’s now serving life in prison.

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